Thoughts on Week #11 How to Survive a Mass Shooting

So much has been said about the tragic events in Las Vegas, that even my head is spinning over the sheer volume of news that has come out of that event. There are literally thousands of articles that have been written. Last week I wrote about why understanding motivation is central to understanding if something is a terrorist event or a criminal shooting. We also looked at why this was important. This week I want to look a bit further into this kind of event, mostly because I believe at this point that this murderous affair will be copied in the future.

It is still undetermined as well if there were any colluders or not with Stephen Paddock. The jury is still out. So what can I add? I want to explore for a few minutes this week how to survive an attack of this kind. Are there somethings that you can do to protect yourself and your families from becoming a victim in a shooting such as this? I believe there are somethings you can do to increase the odds of your survivability. I will be addressing these things in this weeks issue of More than Meets the Eye.

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